Methemoglobinuria - presence of methemoglobin in the urine; observed in methemoglobinemia (see), accompanied by hemolysis, and evidence of severe poisoning.
Urine when methemoglobinuria blood red, contains protein, hemoglobin and its derivatives, erythrocytes, cylinders.

Methemoglobinuria - content of methemoglobin in the urine. Observed in methemoglobinemia (see) in cases involving hemolysis, and, as a rule, indicates severe poisoning methemoglobinaemia poisons (vertoletov salt, nitrite, aniline, nitrobenzene and other).
Urine when methemoglobinuria blood red. It detect protein, blood pigment, methemoglobin, gelatin, increased the number of urobilin and urobilinogen; in the Deposit - cylinders, detritus from an old red blood cells. The presence of methemoglobin in the urine set spectroscopic study.