Methyltestosterone (Methyltestosteronum; synonym Androral; list B), a synthetic drug male sex hormone. Unlike testosterone-propionate (see Testosterone), methyltestosterone remains active when ingestion, though less active. Indications, contraindications, and complications and possible side effects are the same as when receiving testosterone-propionate. Appointed under the tongue for example, 0.005-0.1 g per day. Higher doses: single-0.05 g daily - 0.1, the Form of release: tablets on 0.005 and 0.01,

Methyltestosterone (Methyltestosteronum; synonym: Androral, Metandren, Neo-Hombreol-M, Testoral; list B) is a synthetic androgen drug; 17 α-methyl Delta4-androsten-3-it-17-ol; analogue of testosterone (see). Used with sexual underdevelopment in men, functional sexual failure, male menopause and related nervous, cardiovascular and other disorders; women nominated in climacteric disorders in cases where protivopokazana estrogenic drugs. Therapeutic doses: 0.005-0.01 g two to three times a day under the tongue. Contraindicated in the prostate gland, liver disease with a violation of excretory functions. Side effects: when liver damage is possible intrahepatic cholestasis, in women with long-term admission to high doses - acne vulgaris, brutalization vote, hair growth on the face and body of a male. The form of release: tablets to 0,005 g Remain in the dark. Cm. Hormonal medication.