Methyluracil (Methyluracilum; synonymous with Metall; list B) is a stimulant leikopoaiza. Indications and contraindications for use metiluratila - see Stimulants leikopoaiza. Inside methyluracil take during or after meals to 1 g 3-4 (6) times a day. Local methyluracil used for burns, injuries, caused by radiation therapy, 2-3 times a day in the form of 5-10% ointment with addition furatsilina (see), candles, containing 0.2 - 1 g methyluracil, vaginal balls containing 0.1 g metiluratila and 0.02 g of syntomycin; micro 0.2-0.4 g M 20 ml of starched paste. Method of production: powder, tablets 0.5 g, 5% and 10% ointment.