The method of recovery in the service of man

For the first time described procedure of recovery of the organism has been successfully applied during the great Patriotic war on the fronts and in the field hospitals.
In the postwar years, the methodology has been further developed. It is increasingly began to be applied in the clinic, and especially in emergency surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology. Naturally, we are talking about sudden death, coming in practically healthy person, for example, result in massive bleeding, trauma, asphyxia, electric shock, drowning, and due to some other reasons.
In 1952 in Moscow took place the conference which summed up the results of the method application recovery in clinics and hospitals. At the conference the reports of the employees of scientific institutions, studying this problem, and several clinics and hospitals in different cities of the Soviet Union. It is interesting to note that, based only on reports and articles published in the medical press, by the time the application of complex methods of recovery in various medical institutions was made in two thousand people dying. By the end of 1955 in domestic and foreign literature, the doctors informed about 3 000 observations treatment with this method of patients who were in a terminal condition. However, in cases of treatment extreme stages of shock and agony full restoration of life was achieved in 70% of patients and at 10-20 percent of the patients who were in a state of clinical death.
In recent years, there were reports about the revival of the people who died during heavy operations on the thoracic cavity organs. It is increasingly used this technique doctors from different hospitals, often located far from large regional centers.
Below we will describe three cases, when time spent revival helped save the lives of patients.
Larisa M., 7 years, crossing the street, had fallen under a tramcar and received heavy damage in both legs. The children's hospital of a name Rusakova in Moscow the girl was delivered in a very severe condition. She was a big blood loss and heavy shock; fell blood pressure, deteriorated heart activity. To stop bleeding required urgent surgery. During the operation was carried out continuous intravenous blood, plasma, blood substitutes, periodically applied heart funds. Despite this, the girl's condition worsened dramatically. She turned pale, his lips and his fingers were pospeli. The pupils widened, disappeared pulse, breathing became rare and superficial. The introduction of heart drugs and oxygen inhalation do not improved condition of the patient. She stopped breathing, stopped the contractions of the heart. Come clinical death.
After 2-3 minutes after cardiac arrest and respiratory physician K. C. Konstantinov held arterial injection of blood. The girl was renewed heart; this was evidenced by the emergence of the heart to peripheral vessels, and pink lips and skin. Later recovered breath.
The operation was resumed with continuously continued intravenous blood. At the end of the operation was conducted arterial injection of blood, because blood pressure began to decline. The operation was completed successfully. The girl's life was saved. Now Larisa healthy, in school.
Patient W., 45 years old, was admitted to the hospital named Botkin in Moscow with a diagnosis of incised wound to the neck with vascular damage. The patient was a great loss of blood. In a critical condition. There was a sharp paleness skin and mucous membranes, the consciousness was absent. Breathing was roaring, the pulse was impossible to count, blood pressure was not determined. The victim immediately introduced into the artery 450 milliliters of blood. The condition of the patient is immediately improved. Face flushed, pulse became rhythmic. Heart sounds became clear. Blood pressure rose to 140/80 mm Hg.
Then started the operation, during which continued intravenous blood. The operation was successfully finished. Further the postoperative period was smooth. The patient was discharged home in good condition.
In the Institute of neurology of the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR entered the girl. She had polio, which caused widespread paralysis of the limbs. Paralysis of the respiratory muscles, the patient developed a bilateral pneumonia. The child was darkened conscience, no voice, coughing movement. The girl gasped.
As soon as the doctor E. C. gotovceva start artificial respiration with the help of pneumatic cuff, the girl returned to consciousness. After 2-3 days she could breathe. When his breath was getting worse, the girl gestures pointed to the machine, because she could not speak, and calmed down only when it is included. In the future, the healing was complete.

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