General bases of methods of medical physical culture

Technique of medical physical culture, differentiated depending on the form of neurosis. When neurasthenia it is aimed at improving the tone of the Central nervous system, normalization of vegetative functions, and the involvement of the patient in a conscious and active struggle with the illness; when psychasthenia - to increase the emotional tone and excitement automatic and emotional reactions with hysteria - on strengthening of processes of inhibition in a cerebral cortex of the brain.
In all forms of neuroses, an individual approach to a patient. The instructor must be respected, to create positive emotions, to be implemented in practice psychotherapeutic influence on the sick, to distract them from their heavy thoughts, to develop persistence, activity.
Therapeutic physical culture conducted individually and in groups. When forming groups should be gender, age, degree of physical fitness, functional status of patients, concomitant diseases.
In the first half of the course of treatment (first term) lessons expedient to carry out individually for contact with patients. Given their high sensitivity and emotionality, at the beginning of practice you should not fix the attention on the mistakes and shortcomings in the exercises. This period shall apply a simple and General developmental exercises large muscle groups that are performed in a slow and middle tempo and does not require intense attention. Lessons should be quite emotional. Teams should submit a calm, clear voice. Patients neurasthenia and hysteria exercises we need to pay more to explain to patients psychasthenia - show.
In the treatment of hysterical "paralysis" apply distracting job in the changed conditions (other original position). For example, if the "paralysis" hands using an exercise ball or more balls. It is necessary to pay attention to the patient involuntary enable paralyzed hands.
As far as mastering the sick with simple exercises coordination activities include exercise in balance (on a bench, a log), and climbing on the gym wall, various jumping, swimming. Walking, close tourism, fishing in this period also contribute to the unloading of the nervous system from the usual stimuli, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Duration of classes in the first period, the first 10-15 minutes, and in the process of adaptation - 35-45 minutes If the patient carries the load of the first period, well, then in the second period of sessions introduce exercises that improve attention, coordination, increase speed and accuracy of movements, raising dexterity, speed of reaction. For training of the vestibular apparatus used exercise with your eyes closed, with a sudden restructuring movements on command while walking, Jogging, circular motion of his head, torso. Widely used mobile and lightweight sports, Hiking, close tourism, skiing, Cycling, volleyball, tennis and other
II period takes place mainly in the conditions of sanatorium-resort treatment.