General principles of construction of medical facilities and methods for internal use of mineral waters

The effectiveness of treatment on resorts caused not only by the internal use of mineral waters of different composition, but also the whole complex of resort factors. In General, the impact is of great importance shift work and home environment more favorable environment resort comfort. Medical complexes on the drinking resorts are built on the principles of individual mode of the patient, and the regime should be different in the period of adaptation, in health-protective period and in the period of hardening and the training weakened body functions.
The basis for individual mode are different combinations of periods of physical load and rest.
Diverse and mode of supply. Here can be the most various purposes: unloading and loading days, fractional, high-calorie diet, and, on the contrary, food restriction of individual components and total calories. When drinking treatment it is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid in the diet.
Important and different technology of cooking, saturation vitamins. Even more important is the mode of reception of medical procedures. Internal use of mineral water is completely compatible with balneotherapy and physiotherapy and climatic treatment. However, you must observe the following recommendations:
a) if drinking treatment is reinforced by the use of subaqueous baths or transduodenal lavage, in the days of these procedures is not necessary to assign mud and mineral baths;
b) in the days when the patient spend transduodenal washing, intestinal baths, irrigation, bowel or subaqueous baths, drinking mineral water should be abolished, because if any of these procedures, a patient receives a significant amount of water springs;
C) at unsustainable compensation of the circulatory system the amount of water should be limited;
g) if, along with drinking treatment involves thermal treatment (mud, peat, paraffin or diathermy), it is necessary to between drinking water and the procedure was a break 1.5-2 hours;
d) treatment and regime at the resort should not be monotonous, they should change during treatment accordingly to the patient's condition.
In recent years, doctors willing to include in medical complex hormonal drug therapy. In some cases, this significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. It is particularly important individual approach to a patient. We must warn against excessive and not always justified the appointment of the drug and the more hormonal preparations in the resorts.
The effectiveness of the internal use of mineral waters is largely determined by the correctness of the methods of treatment, which should be differentiated depending on the nature and stage of pathologic process, the presence of secondary concomitant diseases of other organs, the General condition of the organism. Only under strict accounting of all indicators of the disease is possible right choice of mineral water, forms of its usage, dosage, temperature, duration of the course and so on
Before proceeding to the description of differentiated methods internal use of mineral waters for different diseases, consider the basic principles for the treatment of drinking water, which are common for most patients with diseases of digestive organs, subject resort therapy.
For a number of diseases - neurosis, neurogenic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease - there is increased anxiety salootdelenie, acid-forming and motor function of the stomach, there are phenomena of the so-called irritation him in later stages pronounced inflammation in the mucous membrane. In such cases, the method of internal intake of mineral water must ensure sparing their influence on mechanical-, chemo - and thermoreceptors. This is ensured by the appropriate choice of the type of mineral water and its use. Shown mainly water of low mineralization (mostly from 2 to 5 g/l, but not more than 6-7 g/l) with predominance of hydrocarbonate and sulfate ions and carbon dioxide content up to 1.4 g/l, with mostly neutral or slightly alkaline (pH from 6.8 to 8.5).
Among mineral waters can be recommended the following water:
1. Poorly acidulous waters with a predominance of hydrocarbonate ion - Zheleznovodsk, Borjomi, Kislovodsk (sulphate Narzan), Sirab and other
2. Water of low mineralization without specific components and properties, with a predominance of hydrocarbonate and sulfate ions - the Krajina, Zvenigorod and gorohovskii, Ostankino and moninskogo, usolskie, chernovskie, Feodosia, Uglich, Izhevsk, Kayakentsky and Makhachkala, growled-su.
3. Water siliceous, thermal, mildly carbon, low-mineralized, with a predominance of hydrocarbonate ion - Jermuk, draiskie and other
In those cases, when the disease stomach flows to the oppression of its secretory and motor functions (atrophic gastritis, functional achlorhydria, ahilia, hypotension, hypokinesis and others), shows water of medium mineralization (from 6-7 up to 15 g/l), with a predominance of bicarbonate and chloride (especially with the combination of chlorine and sodium ions, with content of carbon dioxide from 1.4 to 2.5 g/l, with a different reaction from acid to alkaline (pH 5,6 and more). These properties are mostly water from group B: avachinskii, Polyana new, essentukskoe # 4 and 17, Arzni and Java - well 14a, soyminskogo and other
Given the evidence A. G. Sahakyan (1959) expressed about the stimulating effect of radon water on the motor function of the stomach, with hypokinetic disorders him (both organic and functional origin!) can be recommended to all radon waters, especially those that are characterized by average mineralization, containing as prevailing ions of hydrogen and chlorine or have carbon dioxide. This water Jety-Oguz, molokovskis, Pyatigorsk, magarachskii, khmelnyk.

Some mineral Yoda composition occupy an intermediate place between those waters, which are recommended for high anxiety secretory and movement functions of stomach and those that are shown in the oppression of these functions. They refer to the little mineralized hydrocarbonate waters, but at the same time are acidulous waters mean concentrations (or even much carbon dioxide is more than 2.5 g/l) have a weak acid reaction (pH 5.5 to 6.8). These are in particular, are water Darasunskiy, kuchinskii, Lastochkina and Tsagveri, Dilijan, arshanski, Kislovodsk - well 5/0, Sevan. These waters can be used in various pathologies of the stomach, but they are especially shown in cases where the patients in different periods of the disease are observed significant fluctuations of any function of the stomach or dissociation of various activity directions of the stomach, for example, the combination hypersecretory disorders of the stomach with hypokinesis it, or hyposecretion disorders with hyperkinesias of the stomach.
When those forms of diseases of stomach, at which leading clinical symptoms are vomiting, in order to prevent and eliminate chloropinae it is advisable to use water with a predominance of chlorine ions. When hypersecretory and hyperkinetic disorders of the stomach in such cases, water shows the following types:
1. Water of low mineralization without specific components and properties of the Crimean Narzan, Karachinsky, Mirgorod, Minsk, pärnu.
2. Water siliceous, thermal, low mineralization, weakly alkaline or neutral - Pauzhetskaya, hot beach, Tbilisi.
In the presence of the syndrome of vomiting in patients with hyposecretion and hypokinetic nature of the activity of the stomach is preferable to apply chloride water of medium mineralization with the contents of carbon dioxide, the average concentration. These can be attributed water: Pyatigorsk narzans, Arzni, Java - well 14a, Novo-Izhevsk, Nizhny-ivkinskaya, lower-serginsky, Birstonas, Druskininkai, Staraya Russa.
These are some General recommendations for use of mineral waters of various chemical and gas composition depending on the form and stage of the disease. However, of greater significance are the methods for internal use water.
Numerous experimental and clinical observations allowed to bring scientific base under methods internal use of mineral waters and given the opportunity to independently use them at various painful conditions.
Each technique is internal use of mineral water has its goals and objectives. Mineral water entered in any way in the gastrointestinal tract and has a General effect, causing irritation of receptors of the oral cavity, stomach or bowel. Soaked in blood, water and dissolved salts humoral by reinforce this General effect. But we must not forget that, in addition to the General impact, mineral waters have a local effect, with some methods (rinsing, washing stomach and intestines and other), this is the local impact is especially pronounced.
Consciously choosing one or another method of introduction of medicinal water in the body by combining these methods, the doctor has an opportunity to receive a higher effect of treatment.