Metrorragia, or uterine bleeding, called acyclic bleeding not associated with normal menstrual cycle.
When metrorrhagia unlike menorrhagia no periodicity.
Metrorragiya can occur suddenly in connection with pregnancy, such as incomplete abortion, when the placenta previa, in an ectopic pregnancy, postpartum period when the delay parts of the placenta, poor inwalucia uterus.
In gynecological practice metrorrhagia is often seen as in benign tumors (fibroids, polyps of the uterus), and particularly with malignant. In malignant tumors, especially cancer of the uterus, metrorrhagia occur when the tumor begins to disintegrate. The amount of bleeding when metrorrhagia is different, sometimes patients complain of spotting, more frequently, bleeding is profuse, with clots, affecting the General condition of the patient.
Especially dangerous metrorrhagia, appearing in menopause or after a few years after the cessation of menstruation. Such postmenopausal bleeding in no case should not be regarded as "returning monthly". Such patients will be particularly thorough examination in order not to miss the beginning of the malignant process (cancer, sarcoma, and others).