Mezenteriale - inflammation of the mesentery of the vermiform process, usually associated with appendicitis (see). The defeat of vessels of a mesentery when mezenteriale leads to necrosis of the wall of the process.
Complications of mezenterialna - periappendicular abscess, thrombophlebitis mesenteric veins, pereplavit (see), abscesses of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space. Treatment: appendectomy with a maximum destruction of the modified mesentery and often with drainage of the abdominal cavity.

Mezenteriale (mesenteriolitis) - inflammation of bruecke vermiform process (mesenteriolum), closely associated with acute appendicitis (see). Inflammation of the Appendix leads to swelling of bruecke, her leukocyte infiltration and then to suppurative lymphadenitis the and phlegmon of bruecke. On the ground flamanskogo inflammation can develop coronary blood vessels, followed by a heart attack in the process and full or partial necrosis.
There are the following forms of mezenterialna: purulent lymphangitis of bruecke, diffuse purulent mezenteriale and septic thrombophlebitis. Each form Meters can be a source of severe complications, mostly due to purulent process in the retroperitoneal fat that is observed in introducing Meters to the location of the bone behind the caecum, ascending or septic thrombophlebitis. With progressive peritonitis (see), which led the patient to die, section often discovered that the cause of peritonitis was opened in free abdominal cavity home purulent lesion of fiber near purulent molten process with bruceeckel. This dictates the need for appendectomy after removal of the Appendix and its bruecke in cases when there is a Lodge opened ulcer, not covered by the peritoneum, be sure to leave a tampon. Sometimes you can just plugging tissue through an incision made for appendectomy. With a significant spread up the fiber paracolon for dewatering and tamponade need a special section in the right lumbar region. Pulmonary veins bruecke in introducing mezenteriale can lead to extremely serious complication - thrombophlebitis branches of the portal vein (see Pereplavit).
Early surgical treatment of acute appendicitis prevents the development of destructive phenomena in bruecke and the vermiform Appendix, as well as the emergence of a widespread purulent complications.
Chronic mezenteriale is a consequence of the acute process, manifested Rubtsove changes bruecke.
Cm. also the Appendix.