Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia is characterized by an acute pain that spreads from the spine to the chest with irradiation in the cervical region, the heart and increases during exercise. Palpation is observed a sharp pain in paravertebral points and intercostal space. The causes of the disease are hypothermia, sore throat, influenza. Intercostal neuralgia when shingles is a consequence nanoviruses lesions of the spinal ganglia and posterior roots. Secondary intercostal neuralgia may be clinical manifestation of a number of diseases: osteochondrosis of thoracic spine with osteophytes drives, periostitis after fracture of ribs, tuberculosis, tumors of the spine and other
Treatment of primary intercostal neuralgia is reduced to the appointment of painkillers (analgin, amidopirina) in combination with desencibilizirutee drugs (pipolfen, diphenhydramine, suprastin). Also nominated injections of vitamins B1 and B12. If there is confidence in the primary origin of the disease, then you can assign electro - and phototherapy (quartz, Bernard currents). When neuralgia, associated with osteochondrosis of the spine, it is recommended electrophoresis of novocaine, hydrocortisone. If there shingles appoint local drugs human native and recombinant interferon in combination with ointments containing interferon inducers (MAGAZIN). Avoid touching herpes bubbles, because in them is the virus.
In the acute stage, athletes must be released from training. Premature their beginning and, especially, participation in competitions, lead to deterioration of health status.