Mesotheli [from Greek. mesos middle+(EPI)teli] - flat layer of cells growing out of splanchnotomy mesoderm, covering the serous membranes - the peritoneum, pericardium, the pleura. Cells mesotheli polygonal shapes, in most single core. During the impregnation silver nitrate intercellular boundaries are identified as black lines. Under mesothelium is located basal membrane. In the field namasivaya hatches, where there is intense resorption of fluid from the serous cavities, cells mesotheli small, with blurred intercellular borders and abundant stamataki. Electron microscopic cells M. discovered pinocytosis bubbles, and on the surface of cells - microvilli width 900 And length up to 2.7 MK; between cells are unstable in its width intercellular space, free Windows that in serous cavity. Cm. also the Mesoderm.