Miazy (from the Greek. myia - fly) - diseases of humans and animals caused by the larvae of flies. In some species of flies (e.g., Ovodov, voltaremos flies, larvae are true parasites and cannot develop outside of a living organism.
Wolfarth fly viviparous; attracted by the smell of pus, predominantly affects animals, postponing the larvae in their wounds and ulcers. Sometimes attacks on people, putting larvae in the eyes, nose, ears, open wounds and causing eye, abdominal or skin (tissue) MIAS. Larvae, if not removed immediately, penetrate deeply underlying tissues, gnawing them to the bone (for example, penetrate the frontal sinuses, nasal cavity, can completely destroy the eyeball). The consequence of parasitism - inflammation of the affected areas with suppuration, bleeding, gangrenous process, sometimes with fatal outcome. In human pathology importance English, sheep and horse gastric botflies. The first two types viviparous. Larvae of them are the cause eye and abdominal Miata. Cause of skin Miata people - larvae of the 1st stage equine gastric gadfly, buravleva in the epidermis. Free living larvae of some species of flies (room, cold, grey, Padalino, cheese and others) can be loginpagetitle and cause tissue MIAS - in cases when adult flies lay their eggs on ulcers or on the wound surface. Accidentally swallowed with food, larvae of these flies cause intestinal MIAS.
Treatment: removal of larvae surgically removing their use of tampons with chloroform, antiseptic treatment of wounds and ulcers, gastric lavage and use of helminthics.
Prevention: protecting food from flies and measures that prevent the penetration of the larvae on the damaged skin of humans.