Microbial eczema

Microbial eczema is a result of irritation and secondary ackzematosnye different, more surface of pyodermia; lesions can have different shapes, sharply limited, covered with crusts, revealing the moist, and on periphery loose hem of the stratum corneum. The most frequent localization - the front surface of tibia, back of hands, face, scalp.
In some cases, patients microbial eczema, gangrenosum, disgestrotical form of plicarum there are the so-called eczematoid - multiple, less often single, erythematous scaly patches oval or round shape, different size, accompanied by itching. These rashes can appear after sore throat, influenza, acute intestinal diseases. In the long course of the disease eczematoid take the form of foci of chronic eczema, if untreated, can recur.
Some authors also allocates seborrheic eczema, emerging on the background of seborrhea (see) and accompanied by the formation of large quantities of fatty scales.
In children with exudative diathesis, often develops eczema, which is most often localized on the face, upper limbs, and is accompanied by pronounced exuding wounds, severe itching. Clinical findings in children also distinguish normal, microbial and seborrheic eczema.
Treatment. In the acute period, with the sharp soak, appoint cold, often replacing lotions or drying wet bandages from knitting solutions (lead water, 1 % solution of resorcinol and others). In the subacute period, slightly moist and the prevalence of peeling, see the destination naphthalan or Ichthyol (2-5%) paste. Good effect in acute and subacute periods have ointments and creams with corticosteroids. The chronic course of the process and the presence of severe infiltration affected areas of the skin recommended allow funds (drugs tar, Naftalan paste or ointment in gradually increasing concentration from 2-5% to 10-25%); hot baths or compresses of the above-mentioned binding solutions. In cases often escalating and difficult treatment of eczema shows local radiotherapy or radiation beams Bucky tray. Patients prescribed sedatives: bromine products, Valerian, tranquilizers (trioxazin, Elenium and others); intravenous infusion of 10% solution of chloride calcium, calcium gluconate and sodium bromide. Recommended longer a dream (appointment of small doses of hypnotics), reduction of time mental work, a change of environment, treatment and rest at the resorts Naftalan, Nalchik, Pyatigorsk, Sochi, Tskaltubo. If eczema associated with any other disease, it is necessary appropriate treatment. At very common acute weeping eczema, not amenable to conventional treatment, can be carried out under the supervision of a physician treatment with corticosteroids or adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), but if in the next 5-7 days, the effect will not occur, the further use of these drugs should stop. Contact eczema eliminate irritating factors usually contribute to the recovery. Treatment of microbial eczema same as usual eczema. When eczematoid important reorganization of the primary lesions; their treatment is limited to intravenous infusion of 10% solution of calcium chloride, 30% solution of sodium thiosulfate; on the areas affected are agitated suspension (mash) 1% Ichthyol. Eczematoid can lubricate 1-2% alcohol solution brilliant green, methylene blue.
Patients with eczema should be kept under medical supervision.
Prevention: identification and possible elimination of the factors that cause eczema, timely and rational treatment of dermatitis, pyoderma.