Microwave therapy

Microwave therapy (synonym superhigh-frequency therapy) is a method of physical therapybased on use of energy of an electromagnetic field of super-high frequency (2375 MHz - wavelength 12.6 cm and 460 MHz-65 cm), small power supplied to the patient through the waveguide, less reflective emitters, concentrating it in a bun.
The advantage of microwave therapy before inductothermy (see) and UHF-therapy (see) is affected by strictly limited areas of the patient's body, more exact dosage of intensity of exposure and more free posture of the patient during the procedure.
Under the influence of microwave therapy improves the functional state of Central and peripheral nervous system, increases local skin temperature after each procedure 2-6 degrees and above. This contributes to a significant increase in local blood circulation due to the acceleration of blood flow, the increase in the number of capillaries and expansion of arterioles, and increase metabolism and stimulate the body's defenses. As a result of these changes reflex changes the activity of various organs and body systems.
The readings. Microwave therapy used in inflammatory, traumatic and degenerative diseases of joints (including calcified bursitis, heel sporah) and spine, pneumonia, hepatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, the number of diseases of the nervous system, organs of small pelvis, inflammatory diseases of nasopharynx and oral cavity, as well as some eye lesions.
Contraindications: acute tendonitis, cataract, the propensity to bleeding, malignant tumors (and suspicion on them), active tuberculosis lungs, circulatory insufficiency above IIA extent, pregnancy, the presence in the zone of irradiation of metallic foreign phone

Fig. 1. Apparatus for microwave radiation therapy "Luch-58".
Fig. 2. Microwave therapy for diseases of the shoulder joint.
Fig. 3. Microwave therapy for diseases of the knee joint.

Fig. 4. Apparatus for microwave therapy "Luch-2".
Fig. 5. Microwave therapy for sinusitis.

To conduct microwave therapy serve as vehicles of "LUCH-58" (Fig. 1) power 150 W with 4 drivers, and "LUCH-2" (Fig. 4) with the capacity of up to 20 era with 3 cylindrical (2 medium, 1 large), vaginal and rectal emitters. During the procedure, microwave therapy, the emitters of the "LUCH-58" installed at a distance of 5-7 cm from the body (remote method, Fig. 2 and 3), and emitters of the "LUCH-2" is placed directly on the skin or mucous membranes (contact method, Fig. 5). Caps contact emitters sterilized by boiling.
Dispense treatments microwave therapy according to the output power of the device and the duration of the procedure. Low dose correspond with the capacity of 20 - 40 W apparatus of the "LUCH-58", 1 - 2W - apparatus of the "LUCH-2", average, respectively, from 40 to 55 W and from 2 to 5 W, large-55-70 W and 5 - 9 W. Duration of the procedure microwave therapy -7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes At remote method; 1, 3, 5, 7, rarely 10 minutes - during contact. Prescribed procedure, often through the day.
The number of procedures per course - from 2 to 20, depending on the form and stage of the disease and from the observed effect. The intensity and duration of the treatment prescribed by the physician.
To protect medical staff from harm arising from long negazirovannoy effects of microwave energy, cabins for microwave therapy made from fabric with microwire. The fabric should touch the floor or does not reach it on 2 see

Microwave therapy - treatment of electromagnetic oscillations at a frequency of 1·109 to 3·1011 Hz (wave length from 30 to 0.1 cm). Currently, this
range use only the frequency 23,75·108 Hz (wavelength 12.6 cm) in a domestic devices of "Luch" trademark and 25·108 Hz (wave length is 12 cm) - in devices Tina "Microban" ("Siemens" and others), These frequencies are selected from a wide range of fluctuation for therapeutic applications of electromagnetic waves of ultra high frequency (UHF-oscillations), since it is when we have created the best conditions for a relatively uniform absorption of the energy of oscillations of different tissues and fluids of an animal organism. More frequent fluctuations are absorbed mainly superficial tissues, having the properties of dielectrics; less frequent are absorbed mainly fabrics with a good conductivity (muscles, blood, lymph, internal organs).
Microwave therapy is carried out in the complex of therapeutic measures in patients with various acute, subacute and chronic inflammatory, including purulent processes, diseases of locomotor apparatus exchange character (especially calcified bursitis, dystrophic polyarthritis, humeroscapular periarthritis, etc.,), diseases of the peripheral nerves (including cervical-thoracic radiculitis), internal female genitals, ear, throat, nose, etc. Application of microwave therapy is contraindicated fever, active pulmonary tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms (and if there is suspicion on them), with a tendency to bleeding, circulatory failure above the stage II-a, the presence in the zone of irradiation of metallic foreign bodies, pregnancy.
Energy microwave oscillations is absorbed by the tissues and fluids of the organism on average 60% of the emitted generator, 40% of it is diffused in the surrounding space. When the multilayer object (as in the body of the patient) reflection of energy takes place in the tissues, on the borders between tissues and fluids with different conductivity or different dielectric properties. This should be taken into account when selecting the dosage to avoid the danger of internal burns at the media boundaries. The average depth of energy absorption is 4-6, see
The physical essence of the action of microwave oscillations is excitement in the tissue, cellular and subcellular formations fluctuations electrically charged elements - ion-dipole, and in the formation of intracellular heat owing to mutual friction of oscillating particles; with the increase of absorbed power increases the intensity of the vibrations of the particles and increases the thermal effect.
With physico-chemical side effect of these fluctuations can be seen as a process of changing dispersion of colloidal structures of the cell, the change in the physical state of DNA and RNA, the collapse of hydration relations (dehydration molecules). Energy microwave oscillations, not turned into heat, spent for formation of biologically active substances, strengthening of redox processes, increase globulin protein fractions of blood, strengthening of immune processes in the organism.
In physiological regarding the effect of microwave therapy is manifested in the intensive expansion of peripheral and deep vessels, increased temperature of the tissues at the site of exposure and to a lesser extent, the temperature of the body, altering trophic function of the nervous system and relations between the processes of excitation and inhibition, decrease heart rate, lowering blood pressure. However, depending on the dose intensity of these phenomena arise and flow differently: under intensive thermal effects observed prevalence of inhibitory processes, a more marked reduction in heart rate, adverse changes in the ECG (reduction of teeth, S and T, the change interval ST, slowing atrioventricular conduction).
The initial functional state of the organism, i.e. the ability to mobilize the self-healing processes in response to the action of factors such as the intensity of the applied impact of physical factors are crucial in the application of microwave therapy. The intensity microwave exposure is determined by the power flux-density (MRP), falling by 1 cm2 the surface of the object, and is measured in watts per 1 cm2. When PPM higher than 0,01 W/cm2 thermal phenomena and related reactions become predominant, with less MRP more evident so-called extraterrestes effect in physicochemical, biochemical and physiological processes in a favorable direction.

Microwave therapy is carried out with application of special devices. Among them are Russian units "Luch-58" (output power 150 W; Fig. 2), "Luch-2" (power output up to 20 W; Fig. 1). The generator of electric oscillations in these machines are magnetrons, combining the functions of the radio-electronic lamps and oscillating circuit. Electromagnetic oscillations from the generator are fed through a coaxial cable to vozbuzhdauschie pin and the electrode. The electrodes to the units the microwave therapy have different size and shape (Fig. 3). All of them are designed for outdoor remote influence.
The electrode, fixed in position on the projector electric apparatus, set at carrying out of medical procedures at a distance of 5-7 cm from subject to impact the surface of the patient's body. Impact intensity is adjustable handle power on the panel of the device. The electrodes to the apparatus of the "Luch-2" - contact, for local application of the so - called focal waveguide with a filling volume of special ceramic mass (Fig. 4). They make against the outer surface of the body or injected into the appropriate body cavity; power adjustment is also performed using the ACC. knob on the panel of the device. The power of oscillations applied to the patient, can be determined by measuring the control panel of the device "Luch-58": during his testimony less than 20 watts dose oligotrichia, at great condition doses consider heat. When using the apparatus "Luch-2" with contact electrodes celebrated by means of measuring the power at the procedures on the person usually does not exceed 2-4 W, for abdominal procedures - 5-8 W. Duration of exposure within 8-12 minutes Sequence of procedures - often through the day, in acute processes daily. The number of procedures at the rate of 2-3 to 12 depending on the observed effect.

Fig. 1. The Device "Luch-2".
Fig. 2. The Device "Luch-58".
Fig. 3. Set of electrodes to the apparatus of the "Luch-58".
Fig. 4. Set of electrodes to the apparatus of the "Luch-2".