Migraine (synonym of hemicrania) - paroxysmal headache, localized in one half of the head. The emergence of attack can be preceded by an aura (harbinger), most often visual, with a reduction of view, sometimes with atrial scotoma (see), in some cases, occupying one or the other half of view. If the pain in the left half of the head may be short-term atasicice disorder (see Aphasia). Often a headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting. An attack can last 5-6 hours, sometimes more. In some cases, there ofthalmoplegical migraine (see Ophthalmoplegia), in which there is a paralysis of one or another of oculomotor nerves, mainly III pairs of cranial nerves. Women migraine happens more often than men. Migraine attacks mostly occur in adolescence and end in women usually with the onset of menopauseand in men in 50-60 years. The origin of migraine important role belongs to the increased excitability cervical sympathetic apparatus with the subsequent reactions of primary spasm and in the further expansion of the brain.
Headaches migraine nature should be differentiated from other lesions of the nervous system and especially with diseases of the vascular system of the brain.
Migraine treatment should be performed by a neurologist. To relieve headaches are different in normal dosage pain medication (analgin, amidopyrine), vasodilator (papaverine, no-Spa and other). Recommended mustard on my head, hot foot bath. Of physiotherapeutic methods of galvanic collars, diathermy cervical sympathetic units, ultraviolet irradiation on the collar system, diadynamic currents. The patient should be consulted with a neurologist.