Mikey is allergic rashes on the skin mycosis. Accordingly to fungal infection, which they accompany, they are called: epidermofitia, trihofitia, microsporidia, pabidi and so on (see Mycosis). Clinically Mikey can remind eczema, psoriasis, skarlatines rash and others In the scales of Mikey never found the pathogen.
Treatment: therapy primary focus (see Microsporia, Trichophytosis, Favus, Athlete's foot), appoint a autohemotherapy, intravenous injections of 30% solution of sodium thiosulfate or 10% solution of chloride calcium daily for 10 ml, in the course of 10 injections, diphenhydramine or pipolfen, multivitamins.

Mikey (from the Greek. mykes - fungus) - allergic observed by mycosis and reminiscent of eczema, seborrheic eczema, knotty and exudative erythema, psoriasis, lichenoides skin tuberculosis, measles, scarlet fever and so on, depending on the origin distinguish: trihofitia, microsporidia, faidy, epidermofitia, levurici.
The clinical picture of Mikitov at various fungal infections can be identical. Common features - the absence of lesions elements of the fungus, the difference clinical signs from the main focus of mycosis, the originality of the flow and liquidation together with recourse primary focus of mycosis without any special treatment. Sometimes Mikey are accompanied by fever, limphangit, weakness, headaches, increased liver and spleen. Characterized by sudden-onset, often symmetrical rash. In the pathogenesis are set to exogenous irritants and endogenous factors. M. occur after the introduction of trihofitia, imposing on the scalp ointment dressing (often in patients microsporia caused fluffy Microsporum), rentgenology, especially in the inflammatory, suppurative foci. Allergic nature of Mikitov confirmed not only by positive trihofitii, but the parallelism between the spread M. and positive trihofitii that characterizes M. as the result of increased sensitivity to the body, which arose under the influence of one or another of mycosis. Assume that the current blood fall only toxins fungi, although the true toxins dermatophytes are not highlighted. It is not excluded distribution dermatophytes blood. Usually when Meters are absorbed, obviously, antigens, causing autoimmunization, accumulation of antibody that causes specific sensitization of the body, clinical expression of which are Mikey.
Recommend treating the primary focus of mycosis and desensitization, often nonspecific (autohemotherapy and others). Local treatment at the monastery is not carried out. Cm. also Mycosis.