The climate is called years of weather regime in this area, due to terrain, geographical latitude and so on
Under the microclimate understand the climatic conditions in the limited territory, artificially created or due to natural features of the area. Examples of artificial microclimate is the microclimate indoors different areas of the city, pagodinho space and other Example of a microclimate due to natural features, is the microclimate of the gorge, forest glades, near-ground layer of the atmosphere.
The microclimate of the Central districts of cities differs from the climate of the suburbs higher temperatures, lower humidity and mobility of air, which depends on the building area, tiling streets.
People through various events might modify the microclimatic conditions in the right direction. For example, planting of residential areas protects intra territory from wind, dust, noise; a correct planning of buildings increases the insulation of premises.
Beneficial effect on the microclimate has also flooding of populated areas and activities for protection of atmospheric air.