The micromanipulator

The micromanipulator - the device that allows fine and precise movement of micro tools and perform in the field microscope some operations on the cell (removal and transplantation of nuclei, injections of various substances, cutting areas of cytoplasm and so on). The micromanipulator consists of a system of supports, provided with a screw clamping micro instruments, and provides for the last movement in all directions.
In the micromanipulator proposed by the chambers (K. Chambers), tripods directly attached to the subject table microscope, micro tools are made to the object with one hand. In M. model Peterfi (So Peterfi), somewhat cumbersome, but provides considerable freedom of manipulation, as well as in the Soviet serial M - MM-1 (Fig) tripods are isolated from two sides of the microscope, micro instruments suitable to the object from opposite sides. Gained wide fame proposed by Vonbrunn (P. Fonbrune) pneumatic M, consisting of two isolated parts of the arm and the receiver. Each of three mutually perpendicular pneumatic systems pointing device consists of a simple pump and elastic metal plate, provided with a moving rod. The latter is connected with microinstruments, located on the receiver, who with the help of screws can move in three mutually perpendicular directions. The advantages of this micromanipulator - single control knob and the disunity of the control lever and the receiver, which provides smooth movement. Recently began to design new models M, based on the use of television devices and electronic devices, which gives the opportunity to get accurate information about the results of work performed by using M
To work with a micromanipulator requires special micro tools and wet or oil chamber (filled with paraffin or mineral oil). In the wet chamber object in the hanging drop is located on the lower surface of the transparent cover. In the oil chamber layer of oil, the surrounding liquid with a test cells and prevents it from drying out and ensures the long-term observations.
Working with micromanipulator involves performing strongly in the direction and force of movements and requires a certain skill. Cm. also Myrurgia.

the micromanipulator
The micromanipulator MM-1: 1 - humid chamber; 2 and 19 - movable carriage; 3 and 18 - operating the tripod mounted on cylindrical carriage (4 and 17); 5 and 14 - cylindrical guides; 6 and C - arm operating tripods; 7 - lamb mechanism coarse feed; 8 - lamb mechanism micrometer supply; 9 and 10 of foothold for microscope; 11 - clamping lamb; 12 - condenser; 15 - limiter; 16 - screw limiter; 20 - preparational.