Myxoma (myxoma; from the Greek. myxa - goo) - a benign tumor tissue of origin. Distinguish between primary (true) and secondary (false) myxoma. First, in the opinion of the majority of authors arise from the remains embryonic (mucosa) of the connective tissue or from Mature, newly acquired traits embryonic. The latter are the result of mucous transformation of connective tissue tumors - of fibroids, lipoma, gondrom etc.
Mikami localized in all the organs, but more often on the limbs along the nerve trunks, subcutaneous and intra-muscular tissue, in the navel, the mesentery, the walls of the bladder.
Although myxoma, a benign tumor, it often recurs after removal.
Macroscopically the tumor looks as host (sometimes consist of several merged together nodes), has lobed structure, jelly-like consistence, in the context of translucent. From the cut surface stretch mucous thread. Delimitation of the tumor is not always clear.
Microscopically myxoma is characterized by the presence of loose fibrous basophilic tissue, hinges which is located lisaamalla mass containing cells stretched and star shapes, which are concentrated mainly around the blood vessels. Lisaamalla weight is hyaluronic acid dissolves hyaluronidase and gives the reaction to mucoid. This is the true difference mix from the false, in which this reaction is negative.
The tumor may be richly vascularized; sometimes it - Islands fibrous, fat, cartilage tissue resulting from differentiation of tumor cells. Such tumors should be attributed to mesenchymal. In some cases, the Islands of cartilage and other tissues are the remains of the mucous turned fibroids, handsome, lipoma, etc. to Distinguish between this process from osoznanie stromal tumors due to malnutrition is often difficult.
The clinical picture depends on the localization of the mix.
The treatment is surgical removal of the tumor in healthy tissues. Radiation treatment is not effective.