Milium (from lat. milium - millet; synonym white acne) is a small, dense, not tend to merge, often grouped white or white-yellow nodules of the size of a pinhead. Localized in the skin of the eyelids, cheeks, cheekbones and temporal areas, much less on the genitals and torso. The miliums are podperevalny cystic formations, coming mainly from hair follicles. Occur at any age, often in puberty may occur in newborns, rarely are generalized. Arise spontaneously as a primary manifestation or secondary retention cysts (pseudomilium), often formed on the edges scars from burns), when the disease, dermatitis herpetiformis of during, for late porphyria skin, most often in patients with degenerative form of congenital epidermolysis. The miliums there are long-term, not changing. Histologically - concentrically located Horny masses, surrounded by a capsule is lined with epithelial cells.
Treatment. Surface incision of the skin and squeezing the contents or delete his little sharp spoon followed by treatment with iodine, liquid Castellani or antiseptic powder. You can apply the diathermocoagulation.