Merciful gift of God

The Sunday sermon of the priest in one of the largest churches in London brought many parishioners. It was rumored that the Holy father will tell about the dangers of vaccines. This theme was interested in all that and preaching listened intently and carefully.
- I want to remind you, my beloved children, in complete silence came the voice of the priest - the story of job, which tells us the Holy Bible. Isn't the Lord struck him disease, similar to smallpox, when job's entire body was covered with terrible sores, and he was crying from the pain? Remember, what did this just man? He trusted entirely to the will of God, endured all hardships and this they deserve healing.
What do you do? Ready to resist the devil's instigation and with the vaccination! Did you forget that all diseases are sent to us for our sins? Do you want to go unpunished? Would violate the will of him who alone decides who of you to live, who will die?
In the morning the family you are vaccinated, and in the evening we turn to God with a prayer for healing! Is it not the most terrible blasphemy? So you will not save any vaccine!
To accept vaccination some cowpox? Smallpox is a gracious gift of God, sent to poor humanity. Wicked and sacrilegious to wrest from the hands of the Almighty such a gift. Unimaginable punishment waits for those who will decide on the inoculation. Remember this!..
The last words of the priest sounded frantic And menacing. Suppressed parishioners silently left the Church.