Mineralization (ashing) - chemical operation, consisting of destruction of the organic substrate (usually by burning). Inorganic components of the substrate thus turn into ashes (oxides or salts), and organic part decomposes to CO2, NH3 and N2O who disappear or are included in the composition of mineral salts. Mineralization is used when qualitative and quantitative definitions of inorganic substances in organic substrates.
Dry mineralization is in porcelain or platinum crucibles or quartz cups by heating a gas flame or electric muffle furnaces. Carefully dried substance is first heated to a full charring and termination of smoke, then the temperature was raised before red heat. Heating finish after receiving the white ash and disappearance of the last traces of coal.
If the substrate contains substances, easily escaping when heated (halogen-free, phosphorus, sulfur), then link them into the form of salts, adding oxidizing alkaline mixture. For this substrate alloy with a mixture of carbon dioxide and sodium nitrate or potassium, and hydroxide of calcium. To facilitate burning, sometimes add Chornovitsky potassium. Method of microsania (microphotography) is ashing of tissue sections on a slide at the temperature of 600 to 800 degrees and in quartz tubes. Opalennye sections repeat the microscopic structure of tissues.
Wet mineralization is the impact on organic substrate liquids with strong oxidizing properties. Mineralization is performed in tubes of heat-resistant glass (Pyrex, molybdenum glass); the process leading to full discoloration or to slightly yellow in color (with an excess of iron salts) of the mixture; apply concentrated sulfuric acid with catalysts (see celdas method), equal volumes of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids (the method of Neumann), hydrochloric acid (12% solution) and vertoletov salt, perchloric acid (specific weight 1.61) with a large volume of nitric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide and other
In balneology and hydrogeology the term "mineralisation" means the sum of all dissolved in mineral water substances without gases, expressed in grams per 1 liter volume. Cm. also Reduced.