Honor is so sensitive and complex world of the child

The child's body has a number of peculiarities. But the most important thing that the nervous system is weaker than that of an adult. This is very important, as it provides and coordinates the organism with the environment, regulates the activities of all internal organs, and through its acquired experience.
The human nervous system consists of brain and spinal cord, as well as countless branches, nerve fibers going from the spinal cord and brain to various parts of the body. The brain and spinal cord forms the Central nervous system. Countless branches, extending from the spinal cord and brain are called peripheral nervous system.
The mental development of children occurs more intensively in the first years of life. In some periods of the development of the Central nervous system is more strenuously. Conventionally, these periods are considered age 2-4 years, 7-8, and 12-16-18 years. About these periods, you need to remember, because at this time the children bring unique features in behavior, they are particularly vulnerable, emotionally unstable and require careful attention.
You cannot say to a child, to suppress its independence, endless questions to answer "do not disturb", "I have no time".
The largest Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov said, "Interrupted, twitches sleeve that fill child's life, makes it (the child) and in his inner world, and will he delay of all joy to watch over all his idea." Sometimes parents even hit the children, oblivious to the fact that children are guilty only that they are bad teachers.
Very often without any system and sequence we begin to acquaint them with others, zagromozhdaet their memory complicated names and events, overloading and depleting unmatured nervous system. I remember the mother of one of my patients said with delight that her four-year-old son knows all Ministers that's interested in rockets and satellites and knows all brands of cars. And this little "old man" to my question whether he loved tales and games, answered: "Tales? Not very. The game? You can play".
Looking at the little boy, I thought about what colorless will remain in the memory of his amazing time of early childhood.
In the second period of a child's life - from 7 to 8 years to be taught the rules of conduct in tact. Children have the ability to restrain themselves, they are capable of learning at school. Adults should see the individual characteristics of the child's personality, to be attentive and to monitor their behavior because any wrong word, action may be a precipitating factor in the development of a pathological deviations in the health of children.
Great importance is the third period, from 12 years of age, puberty, when the child's body undergoes a series of complex of age-related changes. Very sensitive to external stimuli is done and the nervous system of a teenager. Children begin to be ashamed of what is happening in the body changes along with the increased interest to them. They are closed, sensitive, more independent, what is often overlooked adult, continuing to take care of them, although in some cases you will not do so.
In "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a long time ago was printed good article "Difficult age" Director of the Moscow school № 544 E. Costyashkin. He wrote: "the Boy has elapsed 13-15 years. Adults sometimes call this the age of "turning", "difficult". But for a boy of this age is not difficult, and, perhaps, the most interesting, adventurous, daring ideas and dreams. They, boys, don't complain about my years... complain adults... They see life and are drawn to it with all his awakening ,I"". In this period, the child often is labelled as "incorrigible", and they are at best get on reception to neuropsychiatrist, and at worst, on "the street". "On the street (as further writes E. costyashkin) with a sense of dignity to talk to Petya about football, see what is happening in the neighbor's yard, and in General to live safely and independently. Without reminders that you are a child, you must, must, you have..."
Yes, we should get used to respect the aspirations of our children. Not detrimental to their autonomy, to understand their Hobbies. With fifteen years is not enough to be only a mentor, you have to be and comrade. It is necessary to love not only your son or daughter, and friend of the son and the friend's daughter.