The narrowing of the left venous mouth (mitral stenosis)

  • Pathologic anatomy
  • The pathogenesis of disorders of blood circulation
  • Classification
  • The clinical picture
  • Electrocardiographic study
  • Phonocardiographic study
  • Polycardiography
  • Hemodynamic parameters
  • X-ray examination
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Complications mitral stenosis
  • The course and prognosis
  • The narrowing of the left atrioventricular hole - mitral stenosis (stenosis ostii atrioventricularis sinistra)-in an isolated ("clean") form in children is a relatively rare acquired heart disease. According to G. Kiss (1962), he was in 3,2% of cases. Approximately the same figures represent 3. I. Edelman (1962) and O. G. Solomatina (1968). According to our data (cardiological Department of the hospital. K. A. St Petersburg), the frequency of isolated mitral stenosis patients with rheumatism, 3.1%. Stenosis of the left venous mouth is always disease rheumatic origin. The formation of defect occurs frequently when atypical, a hidden disease, and therefore this process is often escapes the attention of a doctor (A. N. Volovik, 1955; B. the jonash, 1960; Was kiss and Forth Surely, 1962; Etc., Churakova, E. A. Tatochenko, 1969). "Pure mitral stenosis develops not less than 2-5 years from the beginning of rheumatism.
    According to most of cardiology (A. N. Volovik, 1955; C. E. Nezlin, 1968), the formation of mitral stenosis depends not so much on the number of attacks, how much time elapsed from the beginning of rheumatism. Slow progressive course of formation of mitral stenosis results in "maturing" for operative intervention, according to C. E. Nezlin (1968), to 25 years. We observed a similar "maturation" of stenosis for operations already by 14-16 years of life.
    But do not exclude the possibility of the formation of mitral stenosis and at an earlier age. Under our supervision there were two boys, one of which after suffering a 3-year old horei 6 years old was operated on for mitral stenosis. In the future repeated attacks of rheumatic fever has led to the development of mitral restenosis and failure of the aortic valve. The second child in the latent rheumatism to 8 years, a "clean" mitral stenosis stage III classification A. N. Bakulev and E. A. Damir.
    Stenosis of the left venous mouth is more common in girls than in boys.