Manageria (mnemodermia; from the Greek. mneme memory, recollection, and derma - skin) - a form of psychogenic itching that occurs as the result of auto-suggestion. Itching (common or limited) develops in the form of attacks in some people who have had previous parasitic diseases of the skin, accompanied by itching. For example, people survivor scabies, can for some time to feel itching at the recollection of their disease. The itchy sensation occurs sometimes at the sight of the blood-sucking parasites (for example, lice, bugs), or even at the mere thought of them (so-called parasitofauna). In some cases, manageria can lead to severe neurasthenia and even mental illness. In the treatment of managerii important place is occupied with psychotherapy, distraction (work, sport), persistent cases hypnosis. Cm. also the Obsessions.