Urinary fistulas in men

  • Urinary fistula women
  • The defeat of the urethra TB actinomycosis with the development strictures are often leads to the formation of multiple retro-scrotal, retro-perineal fistula. When passing urine out of the holes on the perineum is excreted with urine pus and necrotic masses. In the discharge can detect specific elements, cheesy mass, Druze (see the Actinomycosis). Urinary fistulas may occur with malignant tumors of the penis, seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. With injuries of the pelvis with rupture of the urethra and rectum may occur, retro-pryamokishechnye and gallbladder-pryamokishechnye fistula.
    The diagnosis is based on a characteristic history, data inspection and urethrorrhea (see).
    Treatment: it is necessary operation - the imposition of suprapubic mahaputera sinus to drain urine from the subsequent conservative specific therapy. If in a month after the operation fistula not closed, then produce plastic surgery with excision of scar tissue and fistula closure. When retro-prostate, rectal fistula, in addition to cystostomy, an operation is needed overlay unnatural anus with the subsequent plastic surgery separation of the urethra and rectum.
    Patients with urethro-perineal, retro-scrotal fistula need careful maintenance; lubricate the skin of the perineum fat-containing protective pastes. Shown frequent warm bath with a solution of potassium permanganate.