Fig. 1. Urine: 1-male, 2 - a female.

A sack - a device for collection of urine. Used for incontinence. It is worn continuously or wear at night (at night nederjanii urine).
Urine is made from rubber, polyethylene, nylon, nylon, Dacron, etc., Urine is a tank with two holes: the top is provided with a valve to pass urine only in the reservoir, and the lower tap for pouring the urine. To the top hole is fixed catcher urine that male Urine has the shape of a horn (it is inserted into the penis), and the women - the form of the female perineum (Fig. 1). For a soft, tight fit to the body catcher has an inflatable bezel. Urine straps attached to the pelvis and femur. Daily urine should be washed with warm water and, if necessary, (pus in the urine) disinfected, and wiping propulsive his 0,5-5% solution of bleach, corrosive sublimate 1 : 1000, furatsilina 1 : 5000 and so on, the External sex organs are subjected to sanitary treatment, and at the irritation of the skin - wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, furatsilina 1 : 5000, making lotions with lapis Sol. Argenti nitrici 0,25%, powder talc, oxide of zinc , etc.
To destroy the smell of urine in the reservoir external urinals add 2-3 crystals of potassium permanganate, or a few drops of turpentine.

Fig. 2. The collection of urine in girls.

Fig. 3. Collecting urine using external urinals, made of plastic material.

Urine bags for children. To collect urine in older children is acceptable urine bags for adults. For infants require special urine bags, because leakage of urine is an involuntary act. To get girls single portion of urine you can use shirokogorlye flask. It put one end of a rubber tube, and the other patch is attached to the perineum and the pubis to the opening of the urethra were the hole of the tube (Fig. 2). For collecting urine boys under child enclose thoroughly washed with rubber boat, in the middle of which put the tray. To accelerate urination naked belly and gently press your finger on top of the bladder above the pubic area. For the gathering of daily urine (both girls and boys) a receiver shall be made beyond baby cots and with a tube connects to the urinal.
Apply urine bags made of plastic materials (Fig. 3), in the form of a bag with a hole in the center.