Endometriosis ureters

Endometriosis ureters. This localization of the disease in its importance is extremely serious, as may entail stricture formation of the ureter (Fig. 15), hydro-writer, hidroelektrana and loss of kidney.
As the bladder, ureters are affected by endometriosis almost always secondary, often with endometriosis, ovarian, at least - in the propagation process of POSADSKOGO hearth and the isthmus of the uterus. In addition, you can defeat of the ureter in the implantation and expansion of the elements of the endometrium, covered with menstrual blood on the pelvic peritoneum in the track area ureters, including in a wide uterine ligaments.
endometriosis ureter

Fig. 15. Excretory programma patient K. Narrowing preduzimaju Department left ureter in the defeat of his endometriosis. a - prior to surgery; b - after the operation.

Endometriosis ureters
The primary lesion of the ureter is rare. Similar observations published A. Randall (1941), V. O Conor, J. Greenhill (1945), E. Navratil (1946), J. Chinn and al. (1957), K. Bandhauer, H. Marberger (1959), and other
Most authors emphasize rare defeat ureters endometriosis. J. Bates, C. Beechman (1969) found in the literature 62 monitoring violations of the outflow of urine on the grounds of endometriosis ureters and added 2 own. Previously R. Ratliff, W. Grenshaw (1955) reported on 13 observations of stenosis ureters endometriosis and added another 3 own observations. All of these examples relate to the expressed ectasia of the urinary tract, caused by endometriosis. In further developing hydropillars or puckering of the kidneys. Such complications with the subsequent removal of the affected kidney, we observed in 7 patients. Much worse is the case at squeeze both ureters, which ends in death. Such observations published E. F. Goryachkin (1934), J. Goodall (1944) and other authors.
Certainly available in the literature of the message is a small fraction of the actual destruction of the ureter endometriosis. Our clinical observations suggest that the involvement of the ureter in endometriosis, pelvic, especially cystic form of ovarian lesions when they grow together with rear leaves wide uterine ligaments, is a common phenomenon.
The ectasia Cup-pelvis system and ureters, and deformation of the latter, due to endometriosis, must be differentiated from the disease of Ostling, disease Ormond, ovarian syndrome Vienna, tuberculosis of urinary tract system, with urolithiasis, the compression of the ureter tumor from outside, congenital narrowing of the mouths of the ureters.
Ostling [Ostling, 1942] described a congenital anomaly, representing a plane fibrous strands coming from the lower pole of the kidney to the aorta and lower sexual Vienna crossing pilomaterialy segment or upper third of the ureter. Fibrous cords can cause compression and a bend of the initial part of the ureter, and the expansion of upstream and downstream divisions. Pathology is manifested dull aching pain and a feeling of pain in the lumbar region. The diagnosis is made by excretory urography. The treatment of the disease and surgery.
When stenosis lower part of the ureter endometriosis with the development of the pathological process is broken peristalsis him; he expanded and spread, there are kinks in various departments, including in the upper third. On programmah can be found in appearance to the changes described by Ostling. The radiological survey of the device with an electronic-optical Converter differentiation is straightforward given the persistence of the image in the cases of Ostling and variability of the picture when there is an obstacle to the flow of urine is in the lower part of the ureter. Besides, after removing the obstacles to the flow of urine surgically (writerules, resection of scar-modified neparasta l terauda part of the ureter and/or neorationalism) ectasia of the ureter and its excesses are subject to recourse.
The disease Ormond is a retroperitoneal fibrosis parauretral and its adjacent tissue. The inflammatory process occurs outside of the urinary tract (flegmona appendicitis, purulent inflammation of the uterine appendages, the pelvioperitonit), distributed in the retroperitoneal located fiber, and then with the development of fibrosis it begins stricture formation of the ureter (s) at the level of the IV-V lumbar vertebrae. When illness Ormond process often bilateral; endometriosis is usually unilateral rather than bilateral. The disease Ormond often and unfortunately, the number of patients diagnosed late, while the diagnosis is not difficult, if you consider the consequences of previous inflammatory diseases to make timely and x-ray examination.
Taking into account features of endometriosis (development around his lesions peripheral inflammatory reaction with severe fibrosis surrounding tissue and tissue) can be assumed that arise in a number of cases the changes in the ureter and accept the illness Ormond, can be caused by endometriosis.
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