Medicine and fashion

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 J.. Hutchinson

The patient K. left the Cabinet disappointed. We talked long - thirty minutes, which clearly exceeded the usual time limits, as provided for one patient in the clinic. And yet there's no doubt, I do not last the doctor accessed by K.
We will, however, consistent.
Before me thirty year old woman. People say that eyes reflect the innate qualities, lips - what man was. I would not say that the eyes that I studied shone with intelligence. But lips are expressed impatience, moodiness, I even thought, spoiled. K. - housewife, material well provided. Twelve years ago he graduated from high school, got married, has two children.
Complains that she has heart problems, liver, nerve. Takes powders, tinctures, pills. Treated in Sochi, Majori, Kislovodsk. Knows that her heart was increased by half an inch, and metabolism increased by thirteen percent. Bought myself a medical Handbook. Some doctors found she had an enlarged heart, others do not, some have found an increase in thyroid cancer, other - neurasthenia.
- And what do you think about your disease? - I inquired.
In response K. through tears said:
- Maybe it and nerves, doctor, but I think I have something more...
The examination confirmed that the patient really neurosis.
Not all that leads to disorders of the nervous system, patients tell the doctors not very easy and to treat such patients. Practice shows, however, that in such cases the appropriate mode of work, sleep, etc., are more effective than medicine with greater or lesser number of bromine or Valerian. The patient is therefore recommended gymnastics, rubbing wet in the morning, walk before going to sleep, and get to work.
All of these recommendations were accepted by indifferently and condescending.
The chill in the conversation ran when I refused to appoint the intravenous injection of glucose. When in response to a request To. I recognized inexpedient and the appointment of fashion vitamin B12, on the face of visitors appeared contemptuous expression and she hurried to me to say goodbye.
Single whether such patients? Unfortunately, no. Sociological research carried out in the GDR, have shown that the requirement to issue a certain medicine is one of the most frequent causes of conflict situations between the patient and the doctor.
It is not so much about patients with neurosis, how about a particular against medical advice.
Many patients are dissatisfied, when the doctor starts with the recommendations made in the aphorism Seneca: art prolong life is an art, not decrease it.
Rare out-patient admission that any of the visitors did not ask the doctor to prescribe injections of glucose with vitamin C or vitamin B1. However, recently more fashionable vitamins B12 and Q15. At the same time, can't remember the sick, which would have asked how to do gymnastics. The "fashion" visible and in relation to antibiotics. Someone jokingly remarked that penicillin and streptomycin are less help because fell. It was a joke. And if you look at it seriously?
First, it is necessary to emphasize that the Foundation of effective treatment is no treatment of the disease, and the patient suffering from this disease, secondly, universal methods of treatment do not and can not be, third, one and the same medicine for one person is good and another is bad, finally, medicines, in addition to the indications are and contraindications. And contraindications, it is frustrating, there are even mentioned glucose intravenous. It is proved, for example, that in some cases (not all) it can cause pain in the heart area.