The model environment

The model environment (L. M Model) is a synthetic nutrient media for cultivation of pathogens of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Based on the ammonium salts some organic acids can serve as a source of nitrogen supply for tubercle bacilli. The model environment contains: phosphate disubstituted potassium 0,3%, of ammonium oxalate 0,5%, of magnesium sulphate 0,05%, citrate salesonline salt 0,005%, glycerin 5% . With the growth of M. tuberculosis M. S. there is a complete assimilation of ammonium.
Modified A. I. Pertsovsky M. C. has the following composition: of ammonium oxalate 0,5%, phosphate disubstituted potassium 0,5%, of magnesium sulphate 0,05%, succinic acid is 0.05%citric acid 0,01%, salesonline alum 0,01%, glycerin 5%; pH 7.2. Replacement of salt ammonium salts amber, fumaric or malic acids improve the quality of environment. The result is a modified M. S. provides more microbial mass yield than the original.
The model of the environment is intended for cultivation of laboratory strains of TB bacilli. For cultivation of bacteria of the pathological material necessary environment more complicated structure, containing a number of additional components. Cm. Synthetic nutrient medium.