Fashionable talk

- Have you heard about Jenner?- And for this?
- How do you not yet know about the opening of this rural Hippocrates?
- No.
Well, he published a brochure. The brochure called "the Study of causes and actions cowpox". It offers cow pox to treat natural. As if the little people of their diseases, so this Jenner imposes upon us again and bestial!
- Excuse me, but what they say about this doctors?
- You will be satisfied with the opinion of the London doctor Moselle? He said literally this: "What else can you expect from some terrible disease, not as new and terrible diseases? Who's able to foresee the limits of its physical and moral consequences? You do not fear that vaccinated will grow horns? Say, one child in Pachemu the body after vaccination turned into an animal, so he started running on all fours, low-cow and butting in like a bull. And the daughter of one lady began to cough as a cow, and all covered with hair."
- God have mercy on us! What horrors you say!