Lactic acid

Lactic acid [CH3CH(HE) - COOH] - alpha-occupationaly acid. There are two isomers: D (-) breast and L (+) lactic (meat and dairy) acids. In the body of lactic acid is formed from glycogen or glucose in the result of glycolysis. When intense muscular effort in blood there is a large amount of lactic acid, which is partially oxidized, partially is glycogen synthesis. Lactic acid can take part in tissue respiration. Small concentrations of lactic acid is an irritant and bactericidal means; preparations of lactic acid applied topically in the treatment of shingles, seborrhea, skin itch. Salt of lactic acid (lactate) are also used in medicine: lactate calcium as non-irritating calcium drug in the same cases, as the calcium chloride (see Calcium, magnesium lactate as a laxative , etc.