Dairy food products

Milk dishes - an institution to provide early childhood specially prepared food mixtures. Mix on dairy cuisine prepared according to the recipes of doctors (in the country according to the recipes of the feldsher, midwife). Capacity (number cooked servings of milk and milk mixtures per day) dairy kitchens are divided into three categories: the first - over 1000 portions, the second - 800 - 1000 portions, the third-up to 800 portions.
Dairy food products of the first category has the following premises: a room for the reception of milk (16 m2),industrial premises (60 m2), a room for pouring and cooling mixtures (18 m2), wash (20 m2), laboratory for daily analyses of milk on innocent (12 m2), a room for waiting (14 m2), storage for dry products (8 m2), a staff room. M dairy kitchen second and third categories have a smaller set of premises with smaller space. Food and milk do for dairy kitchen-tested and high quality.
Analysis of milk acidity, fat, the share is done daily in the laboratory of dairy food or nearest laboratory of sanitary-epidemiological station. Once a week, ready-made milk products tested for bacterial contamination. To save sterility of all ready-made milk products, and whole milk regardless of the method of heat treatment immediately cooled to a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees and send promotional items on special transport graduated in the bottle, closed with a cotton plug.
All operations concerning preparation of nutrients for children are subject to strict sanitary regulations. To work on a dairy kitchens be pre past honey. the examination. Further examination is repeated every month.
The staff dairy food depends on its capacity.

Name of posts The number of sold portions
up to 1000 2000 3000 4000
Diet sisters
The senior medical sister




Manual breast cuisine provides the worker with an average med. education received training on the technology of manufacture of milk and dairy farming cuisine. When appropriate power dairy food (over 6000 manufactured portions) in the States of dairy dishes included a 0.5 of a doctor-nutritionist.