Colostrum is the secret of the mammary glands of women released at the end of pregnancy and in the first 2-3 days after birth. Colostrum is a thick sticky yellow liquid specific gravity 1050 and 1060. Microscopic examination of colostrum reveals a large concentration in it of fat cells, white cells. M. on the 2-3rd day, the so-called molozivnyi milk contains protein to 5.8% (primarily albumin and globulins), carbohydrates to 7.6%, fat around 5%, mineral salts 0,3-0,5%. Members of the colostrum is a large number of vitamins: A, B1, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The nutritional value of colostrum is conditioned also by the presence of the enzyme lipase, amylase. In addition enzymes, colostrum contains a number of protective antibodies and hormones. Calorie M very high - 100 g contain 150 kcal. With the 4-5th day after birth qualitative composition and appearance colostrum changed ("transitional milk"): decreases its calorie content is reduced protein, mineral salts (see Breast milk).
Colostrum is vital food newborns in the first days of their life.

Colostrum (colostrum) - the secret of the mammary glands, allocated in small numbers in the second half of pregnancy and in the first 2-3 days of lactation after birth; on the 2-3rd day of lactation should talk about "molozivnyi milk", with 4-5-th day - o "transitional milk", already approaching in colour, morphological characteristics and chemical composition to "Mature milk". The dynamics of this process is different depending on the individual characteristics of women and peculiarities she lactation; in nulliparous it lasts longer, multiparous shorter. M - thick secretion of a sticky consistency, yellow, stands out big drops. Its yellow color depends on a large number of carotenoids contained in the body fat Meters Share high (1,050-1,060).
M., except milk balls of various sizes and not always correct form, contains molozivnyi cells and leukocytes. Molozivnyi bullock - large, round, sometimes not quite correct form of cells with fuzzy and is painted in pale kernel and numerous small fat inclusions. Most authors consider that the white blood cells, containing pagazaurtundua them droplets emulsified fat; it is possible that some of them epithelial cells exposed fatty. Among leukocytes meet polinucleari
lymphocytes, and, according to some authors, the predominance of the first speaks, and the second - about bad lactation. Other formed elements of the M - so-called populonia, cells with hats are milk balls of irregular shape.
The chemical composition of the colostrum is significantly different from Mature milk. M. rich in proteins and salts; carbohydrates, usually contains less, and fat is approximately the same as in Mature human milk. M is relatively high albumin and ' -globulin. Calorie M very high in the first days of lactation, and then declined rapidly. If on the first day of lactation caloric 1 l of M is 1500 kcal, then on the third day - 800 kcal. The content of some of mineral salts in the convent and in the milk of women Tag (W. Birk) and Sloss (that is, Schloss) are shown in table. 1.
The content of trace elements such as copper, zinc, Nickel and cobalt in the flour and milk of women are shown in table. 2 (schemes per 100 ml).
Content of vitamins in M. largely depends on the power of women during pregnancy and lactation.
Female colostrum contains a number of enzymes (peptidase, catalase and others). S. easily folded boiling, not folded when exposed rennet. M. richer Mature milk antibodies; it's more sagemaschinen that must be borne in mind when hemolytic disease of the newborn.
M. plays a major role in feeding the newborn and adapt it to extrauterine life: from a relatively small number M child
receives high-calorie foods rich in complete protein, close in their amino acid composition to albumin in the blood serum of mother and child. Fat Meters, rich in oleic acid, close in composition and iodine number to fat body. Proteins M partially freely pass through intact intestinal wall and could not be considered alien against the child's body. Babies deprived from the first hours of life colostrum his mother, easier to get indigestion. Cm. also Breast milk.