The moral image of the Soviet health care worker

The medical profession is the most humane and at the same time, the most responsible, for health is priceless wealth and of the whole society and each individual. This is why the profession of the physician requires from those who have devoted their lives, the special qualities. No real medical professional without love for their profession, deep respect and attention to the people, a highly developed sense of duty and readiness at any moment, without regard to anything else, to help the patient.
The main task of the Soviet medical - prevention, prevention of diseases. But if a person gets sick, they fight with the disease and related suffering, to quickly get people back to work and normal life.
A medical worker in our country acts as the Plenipotentiary representative of the Soviet system of public health, as the person to whom the state has entrusted health builders bright building of communism.
In order to adequately perform their duties, have a lot to know and constantly improve knowledge. All the contemporary medicine, all that was achieved in science, should be used for the good of man and the strengthening of his health.
Specificity of work of health of the employee, his constant communication with people require a doctor, medical assistants, midwifes and nurses special kindness, warmth and courtesy with all people with whom they have to face in life, especially with patients. Rudeness, hail, tactless behavior, lack of attention to the requests and needs of patients incompatible with a high rank of the Soviet health care worker.
Peace of treatment of patients by staff should accelerate its recovery.
A medical worker of our country provides medical care in my heart, and not for their own benefit. To come to the rescue of the troubled man is not just a matter of personal honor doctor, medical assistants, midwifes and nurses, but also their civic duty. At any time of the day or night, in any weather and geographical conditions they are in a hurry to call. Many medical institutions of the country are the high title of Communist labor collectives.
The moral image of the Soviet health care worker is defined socialist system, advanced social ideals of our society, the moral code of the Builder of communism.
Its main principles are:
- dedication of communism, love for the socialist Motherland and for the socialist countries;
- conscientious work for the public good; he who does not work shall not eat;
is everyone's concern for the preservation and multiplication of the public domain;
- high consciousness of the public debt, intolerance against violators of the public interest;
- collectivism and comradely mutual assistance; every one for all, all for one;
- humane relations and mutual respect between people: the man is a friend, comrade and brother;
- honesty and truthfulness, purity, simplicity and modesty in public and private life;
mutual respect in family, care of children upbringing;
- the rejection of injustice, parasitism, dishonesty, careerism, money-grubbing...*

* The program of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. M., Gospolitizdat, 1962, S. 119-120.