The morgue is a specially equipped room for reception, storage, disclosure and issuing bodies to relatives for burial. The morgue is also used to identify the corpse, if the identity of the deceased is unknown.
The morgue is created at the hospital, the Bureau of forensic medical examination, the departments of pathological anatomy or of forensic medicine of the medical institutes. Place the morgues in the basement, soobschaetsa with sectional hall (usually a corpse in sectional take the Elevator). In the morgue should be room for reception of corpses, a refrigerator, a dissecting room, a room for dressing and issuance of corpses, ski storage of organs and tissues of dead bodies, physical evidence, clothes and belongings of the dead, coffins, premises for histological and forensic chemical laboratories and forensic studies, as well as farewell hall for the relatives of the dead.
Delivered to the morgue bodies must be provided with a label with the indication of the surname, name and patronymic, the age of the deceased, data, where did the corpse, the date of death. On the corpses designed for forensic medical examination, leave your clothes. On the corpses intended for the anatomic dissections should be saved bandages, drainage and etc., Together with the corpse to the morgue deliver supporting documents (the direction of the autopsy, history and others), which are registered in a special journal.
Cm. also Pathoanatomical branch.