Morphine (Morphinum; list - the main alkaloid of opium, active narcotic analgesic. Applied in the form of hydrochloride - Morphinum hydrochloricum, Morphini liydro-chloridum. Appoint M. in severe pain (trauma, malignant tumors), of myocardial infarction, as well as in preparation for surgery and postoperative period. The use of morphine for the pain of childbirth unsafe, as morphine passes through the placental barrier and can cause asphyxia fruit. Prescribe morphine orally, subcutaneously, sometimes intravenously. Higher doses (inside and under the skin): single - 0.02 g daily, 0.06 to, Children under 2 years morphine is not appointed. When using morphine may experience respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, constipation, addiction and drug dependence (addiction). To prevent spasm smooth muscles of internal organs morphine nominated jointly with atropine. Symptoms of acute toxicity and its treatment - see Analgesic funds. Method of production: powder, 1% solution in sealed to 1 ml
Cm. also Opium.