Midges (one type):
1 - male, 2 - female.

Lice are small insects of the order Diptera, suborder dlinnousyh (Fig). A family of flies over 900 species; midges are common in all parts of the world.
In the taiga, tundra and forest zones of the USSR (especially Siberia and the Far East), in river valleys midges constitute the prevailing part of midges (see).
Midges are developing in the flowing water (rivers, streams), overwinters in the stage of egg or larvae. Maximum summer - in June-July. Females of many species of midges feed on the blood of animals and humans by the bite them very painful. Midge annoying, attack in the open air, in the light hours of the day, interfering with work and rest of people, causing massive damage to livestock, as during mass attacks can cause the loss of cattle.
Gnats - vectors and intermediate hosts of pathogens onchocercosis people and Pets; mechanical carriers of pathogens of tularemia, anthrax , and others as protection from midges use mosquito nets, mesh Pavlovsky, protective clothing, insect repellents (see); the most effective of them carboxyl (30% cream for application to the skin, 15-20% solutions, emulsions for treatment of nets, clothes).
For the destruction of midges on the terrain apply aerosols HCH, DWF, smoke bombs NSC-G-17; and conduct aviakosmicheskoe processing territory drugs DWF and other insecticides.(see Dusting).