Scrotum - skin-muscular saccular education in the front section of the perineum in men. The cavity of the scrotum is divided into two halves, made the testicles with their appendages and seminal the spermatic cord.
The scrotum is a modified (reduced) part of the anterior abdominal wall and consists of a thin, pigmented, with rare hair skin and fleshy shell is rather thick, tightly adherent to the skin consisting of connective tissue with plenty of muscle and elastic fibers. Between the shells of the scrotum, testicles, epididymis, and the spermatic cord are connective tissue fibers and loose fiber, in which are vessels. Lymph from the scrotum flowing in the superficial inguinal lymph nodes.

Scrotum (scrotum) - skin-muscular education, located between the penis and perineum men. It is divided by a partition into two halves, each of which is a container for eggs with the appendage. In the upright position of the body, the left half of the scrotum down slightly lower than the right.

Abnormal development of the scrotum there are usually at hypospadias (see), epispadias, ectopia bladder, cryptorchidism (see). The underdevelopment of the scrotum may lead to false to hermaphroditism (see).
Damage to the scrotum closed observed with the injuries, sdavljenia, accompanied by pain, hematoma (the latter sometimes reach large sizes, moving to the penis, perineum and the anterior abdominal wall). Usually swelling of the scrotum in the treatment resolved. Treatment - rest, ice, jockstrap. With the increasing edema, hematoma scrotum, increased body temperature - sections of the scrotum with drainage.
Open damage is characterized by a violation of the intact tissue, bleeding, separation of the edges of the wound, sometimes the loss of the testicles. In the treatment of injuries of scrotum necessarily the introduction of anti-tetanus serum (3000 AE). At moderate bleeding and a small wounds enough overlay pressing aseptic bandage. For large wounds and profuse bleeding shown tubal bleeding vessels, surgical treatment (excision of necrotic tissues, removal of foreign bodies), stitches or a bracket with the mandatory separation of drainage, use of antibiotics and sulfa drugs. Fallen into the wound testicles carefully treated with disinfectant and set in the scrotum. At large defects of the skin testicles are rendered under the skin of the perineum or hip.
Inflammatory diseases of the scrotum. Scrotal skin with plenty of sebaceous and sweat glands prone to various erythematous, eczematous lesions, with weeping, itching, suppurations. The implementation of hygienic measures, powder talc, paving aseptic napkins, wearing jockstrap lead to a cure. The treatment of the advanced forms of eczema - see Eczema.
Abscess - a local inflammation. Begins with fever, swelling, redness, infiltration and pain in the scrotum. Ends purulent fusion of inflammation.
Cellulitis is characterized by a more extensive involvement of all segments of the scrotum. Occurs as a complication of trauma and independently.
When gangrene scrotum usually attacked more than half of its surface. The process ends with the rejection of dead tissue and an exposure of the testicles. Treatment: in the first days of antibiotics, sulfa drugs, bed rest. Subsequently, the increase of edema, the emergence of softening, increased body temperature make broad sections of the scrotum.
Erysipelas scrotum begins acutely, characterized by oedema, outlined hyperemia, pain, high body temperature, the deterioration of the General condition; often ends with gangrene of the scrotum. Treatment - ultraviolet irradiation, antibiotics, sulfa drugs (see Erysipelas).
Tuberculosis scrotum often secondary, occurs in the propagation process in the epididymis or testis, characterized by the formation of fistulas. Treatment - surgery (removal of primary foci: epididymis) with excision fistula scrotum and specific (see Tuberculosis).
Syphilis scrotum is rare, only in its later stages or congenital. Possible disintegration and break-out gumoshnik sites of the testis and epididymis. The bottom of the ulcer is covered by granulations and roboeda. Syphilis sores painless, are located on the front surface of the scrotum, above the testicle, and tuberculosis - on the back, above the appendages. Specify the diagnosis by Wasserman and efficiency of specific treatment (see Syphilis).
elephantiasis scrotum Elephantiasis of the scrotum. The defeat of the pathological process the walls of the blood and lymphatic vessels, leads to the violation of lymph drainage. Gradually increasing edema. The skin becomes rough, smoothed. Scrotum reaches enormous size, prevents the walk. Often swelling apply to the penis and difficult urination. Treatment - see Elephantiasis.

cancer of the scrotum
Cancer of the scrotum

Tumors of the scrotum: benign - lipoma, hemangioma, lymphangioma, fibroids, fibroids, teratoid tumors and other
Malignant tumors - more cancer, more rarely sarcoma. The cancer usually develops in the place of old fistula or ulcers, with long-existing dermatitis, scars scrotum and so on, most of the tumors quickly gives the inguinal metastases and abdominal lymph nodes. Treatment - operative.