Mosquitoes: left - male; on the right is a female.
Mosquitoes are small insects of the order Diptera, suborder dlinnousyh (Fig). Family mosquitoes has more than 400 species, of which in the USSR there are about 30. Distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical zones. Bugs lay eggs on land, moderately damp places rich in organic remains (usually in the burrows of rodents, deep cracks in the soil). Wintering larvae. Years mosquitoes begins in mid-April and lasts several months. Females feed on the blood of animals and humans. Mosquito bites are painful and humans can cause a fever. Mosquitoes - specific carriers of the virus fever mosquito (see) and leyshmany (see Leishmaniasis).
The mosquito control is carried out mainly by using indoor residual action, and San. accomplishment of the territory of populated areas (the destruction of rodents, and in the holes of which are inhabited by mosquitoes, filling their holes, timely removal of manure and other). Especially effective insecticides in the form of aerosols, emulsions, water suspensions, Farrukh Dustov, which handle the pockets of mosquitoes or their larvae (suspension is applied at the rate of 2 g of pure substances on 1 m2 surfaces). For protection against attacks of mosquitoes use nets Pavlovsk; from repellents (see) apply bits of DEATH metal and others, spreading them open parts of the body. Action repellent maintained for 6 - 8 hours.
Cm. also Carriers.