The brain is the organ of the psyche

Leading scientists-materialists has long been linked with mental phenomena with the activity of the brain. By the time Pavlov started my research, there were three groups of data and ideas.
First, some facts about the relation of mind to brain gave clinic. Already in the second half of the last century it was found that a single shipment of the psyche (in particular, certain types of feelings) are related to specific areas of the cerebral cortex. So, in diseases associated with the destruction of those or other areas of the cortex, suffered certain types of sensitivity. It was shown also that in severe mental illnesses are changing the cortex cells, sometimes the death of some groups. All these data were first important proof that the mind is connected with the function of the brain.
Second, was studied this elementary mental act as the Association. Psychologists have long noticed that one looks quite naturally makes the person more, already experienced impression. That relationship of two views psychologists called by the Association. Was allocated a number of associations, but their physiological basis psychologists did not know.
Third, the materialist thinkers developed a provision stating that the content of our psyche is entirely defined by a set of life experiences. It is this, not ispovedovalas idealists Agency explained scientists behaviour, the actions of the person. With special force these ideas were developed by Russian revolutionary Democrats of the XIX century and their ally, I. M. Sechenov, who wrote: "the Original cause of all action lies always in the external sensual arousal, because without it no thought impossible."
For these three circles of data and ideas could be collected together, see, so to speak, to a common denominator need to know the specific patterns of work of the cortex of the brain. The opening of I. P. Pavlov was that the main function of the cortex is the closure and implementation of temporary connections between the various nervous elements, and it helped to fill the idea of the cortex as the body of the psyche specific content.
Opening of conditioned reflexes played an enormous role in two aspects.