Care for patients with brain damage

Care for patients with brain damage (see Traumatic brain injury) is determined by the prescribed regime. Patients with these injuries, as well as with a skull fracture, chained long time for bed. A careful skin care, monitoring of physiological functions and feeding of patients - the terms of rational care of them. Extra care must change of linen, procedures, as disturbance of the peace for these patients is fraught with potential complications. To get the patient is allowed only after the disappearance of the cerebral symptoms gradually, under the supervision of medical staff. Care of patients operated on for abscesses, tumors, vascular diseases of the brain, is the same as for patients with traumatic brain injuries.
Nurses neurosurgical departments, must have special manipulations carried out in these institutions, and methods of preparation of patients to the survey.
At wounds, injuries, first aid and care of the victims are to stop bleeding, protection of wounds from becoming infected and anesthesia, and in the toilet of the skin around the wound: hair shave in the direction of the wound, remove dirt and dried blood, washed the surrounding skin (see the Wound, injury). Observance of the minor is necessary and at purulent wound. The skin around the wound is protected by a layer of fat, ointments or paste. Stubborn bandage pre-moistened hydrogen peroxide; remove dressings, swabs and drains carefully, sterile instruments.