Corn (synonym amosulalol) - acquired limited surface thickening of the stratum corneum. Corn is formed on the ground of prolonged pressure and friction in the form of a flat plaques yellowish in color, covered with thick Horny masses; it is often associated with a particular profession. Cracks are often formed on corn, causing a sharp pain.
Restricted be accompanied bundle, udivlyaysya in the skin in the form of nails, sharp pain that occurs more often from the prolonged pressure of uncomfortable shoes, usually called spur.
Corn is localized, usually on the palms, soles, back surface of the toes and in the interdigital spaces stop.
Treatment of corns: pre RASPAIL skin in hot soda bath, remove surface Horny layers, and then, protecting the surrounding healthy skin zinc paste or adhesive tape, put a mix of 10% salicylic acid and lactic acid in kolodii on the day. The procedure is repeated until then, until all the Horny layer will be rejected. Blisters on the soles sometimes removed by surgery or freezing snow carbon dioxide. Inside appoint a long time concentrate of vitamin a in 10 drops 3 times a day.
Prevention is to eliminate decent friction of the skin associated with the profession, as well as the careful selection of comfortable shoes.

Amosulalol (callositas; synonym: corn, callus, tyloma, tylositas) - acquired limited surface thickening of the stratum corneum, yellowish-white to dark brown, in most cases, painless, slightly separated from the surrounding tissues, flat or slightly convex.
The size of blisters varies widely, but rarely exceeds the size of nickels. Corn stores are usually located in places where the skin is exposed to long-term pressure. Often it is a professional change is the result of constant pressure or friction in certain areas in the process. Localization of amosulalol sometimes it is possible to determine the nature of the profession of workers (mainly the middle part of the palms engaged in heavy physical labour, buttocks - jockeys and the cavalrymen, the inner surface of the terminal phalanx of the third finger of the streets, a lot of writing, and so on). However, due to the mechanization of labor few modern profession lead to the development of callus. On the soles of the feet often arise from wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes.
Histologically, amosulalol characterized by hyperkeratosis and thickening of the other layers of the epidermis; transparent layer is missing; in the upper layers of the dermis is a minor inflammation.
Clinical diagnosis of amosulalol, especially taking into account historical data (occupation), usually is not difficult; only in some cases, we have to differentiate amosulalol from eczema, psoriasis, psoriatic corns (clavus psoriaticus) and syphilis corns (clavus syphiliticus).
Treatment of first need in the development of deep cracks on Acting with subsequent development of pyoderma, when the working temporarily loses working capacity. Apply ointment with keratolytic means - salicylic acid and lactic acids (usually 10% concentration), with collodion; you can also recommend (if any subjective discomfort) mechanical removal be accompanied layers with a razor, a drill (after soaking in a hot bath), corn circles.
Prevention of corns - improvement of conditions of work and life, elimination causing her pressure and friction.