Medical distributor

Medical distributor (MCI) - the body in the system of honey. civil defence service, regulating medical evacuation at a certain evacuation direction.
MCI is a staff unit of sorting and evacuation hospital (NWT) or in the absence of it is organized by the head of the hospital, who heads one of the hospital collectors (Bq). However, MCI work in the interest of all hospital facilities. In MCI work doctor and nurse. Creates MCI at the intersection of roads leading from the nuclear center in a rustic area, on the road between deployed in peace operations (see a Squad of first aid) and BB (see Fig. to senior Medical-evacuation security, population of Russia). There was a link on the guidance allows staff MCI to be constantly aware download all Bq and regulate the uniformity of entering them are affected. Second, not less important task MCI is the distribution between being evacuated Bq depending on the severity of the lesion. Heavy contingents, being evacuated from the OPM on more benign modes of transport (ambulance, adapted buses), should be sent in the coming Bq; light, capable of withstanding long evacuation,far BC. Thus, the most severe affected evacuated to the best transport and are in way less time.
Each machine with victims before the departure of the OPM is supplied with a special evakuatora, reflecting the nature of the lesion being evacuated. Staff MCI stops all passing cars with affected and, guided by mucobacterium, directs them to one or another Bq in accordance with the foregoing procedure. Cm. also Medical-evacuation provision in civil defense.