Mucopolysaccharides - high molecular weight polysaccharide, built of residues of amino sugars, hexuronate, acetic acid, sulfuric acid and other simple compounds. Mucopolysaccharides are widely distributed in nature. In the body mucopolysaccharides are typically in connection with the protein - mukoproteidov. The so-called acid mucopolysaccharides found in connective tissue, mucous some authority; they play an important role in the body's fight against infection, in the processes of reproduction, growth, regulation of some biochemical reactions. Neutral mucopolysaccharides are components of a number of enzymes and hormones.
To mucopolysaccharides include, for example, heparin is a natural anticoagulant blood, which is also a component of the enzyme system of the so-called enlightening factor (lipoproteida lipase). The concentration of mucopolysaccharides in the blood varies in some physiological state of the organism (pregnancy) or pathological changes in organs.
Cm. also of amino sugar, Mukoproteidov, Polysaccharides.