The mukoproteidov

The mukoproteidov (synonym mucoid, mucines) connection proteins mucopolysaccharides. The mukoproteidov divided into two groups: 1) mukoproteidov containing acid mucopolysaccharides (hyaluronic acid, heparin) and is found in many organs and tissues (especially rich in their connective tissue); 2) mukoproteidov, polysaccharide component of which are mucopolysaccharides, not containing residues hexuronate and sulphuric acids (mucin, enterokinase, thyroglobulin, prothrombin and thrombin, fibrinogen and fibrin, and gonadotropic hormones).
Concentration mukoproteidov in plasma increases during pregnancy, cell proliferation and tissue wasting, rheumatism, a tuberculosis, and some infectious diseases, as well as in myocardial infarction, some medicine; decreased concentration mukoproteidov observed in parenchymal liver disease, as well as after the introduction into an organism of cortisol and ACTH.
Cm. also Mucopolysaccharides.