Flies - the General name of insects squad flies, suborder Korotkevich. Flies are widely distributed in nature, some of them are related to human habitations.
Most flies oviparous. There are viviparous species. The larvae of many species of flies develop scavenge organic origin; some species are parasites of animals (less man). Among the most recent medical and veterinary importance larvae Ovodov and voltaremos Flyweight - exciter Niazov humans and animals. Larvae, if not removed immediately, penetrate deeply underlying tissues, gnawing them to the bone (for example, penetrate the frontal sinuses, nasal cavity, can completely destroy the eyeball). The consequence of parasitism - inflammation of the affected areas with suppuration, bleeding, gangrenous process, sometimes with fatal outcome.

Flies: 1 - room; 2 - the tsetse; 3 - igolka.

Adult flies spread group omnivorous species: bedroom fly (Fig., 1), small room, house fly, blue spring, padaliniu and other types of flies. Eating garbage (human excreta, domestic animals, household garbage, and so on), as well as food, flies these species can contaminate food pathogens of enteric diseases (dysentery, typhoid, cholera and other), tuberculosis, etc. and facilitate the spread of these infections.
Known bloodsucking species, such as common everywhere autumn Zhigalko (Fig., 3)attacking cattle, horses, people, carries the causative agent of anthrax and other diseases. In tropical Africa are of great importance bloodsucking flies and tsetse (Glossina), the transmitter of Trypanosoma - agents of sleeping sickness (Fig., 2).
Chronologie market Mucha found in the southern regions of the USSR, transfer of pathogens of diseases of the eye (trachoma, epidemic conjunctivitis).
The basis of the fighting flies should be based on the measures for improvement and cleaning of populated areas (see). To kill the larvae of flies using 0.2% aqueous emulsion of triclofos, 0,3-0,5% of karbofos, 10% of crealine, etc. In wyrebek public recanalizing latrine use also dry bleach, drugs, HCH.
At the food objects, in hospitals and institutions, in animal husbandry for the destruction of adult flies irrigate selectively 2-3% solution hlorofosa areas of walls, Windows and other popular places of landing of the flies. With the same purpose in indoor and outdoor use chlorophenol paper "Mukhomor", insecticidal hlorofosa pills, 0.5% solution hlorofosa. Outdoors in traps with chlorophos add food bait (blood from the slaughter house, fish, meat waste, and others).
Cm. also Carriers.