Flour-grinding manufacture

Flour production (occupational health) - the industry is occupied by grain processing in flour.
Production of harm in the milling industry are grain or flour dust, vibration, noise. Depending on the degree of contamination of the grain of dust can contain up to 70-80% of mineral impurities (the content of free silicon dioxide comes to 10%). Flour dust consists mainly of grains of starch. Dust production facilities may be due to lack of tightness of equipment, transportation of grain on the open conveyors, working with open hatches and job openings, insufficient control over the technical condition of filters to clean the air removed from the equipment, the lack of tightness of aspiration systems.
On the mill plants mostly occur diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, by pneumoconiosis (see), and diseases of the peripheral nervous system, the development of which is connected with prolonged inhalation of a grain of dust.
For improvement of labour conditions on flour milling plants should be carried out the following activities: 1) replacement of the mechanical transportation of grain and flour pneumatic, mechanized unloading of grain from rail cars using special devices; 2) transition to full automation of the production process and bulk sale of finished products (flour) and waste (bran); 3) equipment in all branches of effective ventilation stage treatment emitted air, with regular cleaning of ventilation systems and paleotectonic structures; 4) ensuring the integrity of dust-forming equipment and vacuum-cleaning equipment, machines and facilities; 5) conducting measures to address the noise of production equipment and to reduce the overall vibration; 6) conducting joint activities on safety and industrial hygiene; 7) providing workers with sanitary inspection room with washing and repair of clothes; 8) the use of individual protection (respirators) when working in conditions of high dust content in the air; 9) periodic medical examinations of workers, non-admission to work of persons under 18 years of age; 10) equipment inhalatorium for the prevention of respiratory diseases. The dust content of air of industrial premises should not exceed 4 mg/m3.