Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy may arise from the fertilization of two or more simultaneously Mature eggs or atypical division of one of the fertilized ovum (see the Twins).
Pregnancy two fruits occurs about once 70-80 genera and three fruits and more rarely the case.
Multiple pregnancy is more common in avtomobilnyh. Predisposition to it can be transmitted by inheritance. There are identical and dayzetia twins. Identical twins are always the same sex; they share the placenta, General Rorion and separate water shell (Fig. 8). Dayzetia twins can be homosexual and heterosexual; each fruit has placenta and membranes (Fig. 9).

identical twins
Fig. 8. Identical twins.

duagava twins
Fig. 9. Duagava twins (one of the variants of the provisions of the twins in the womb).

Diagnosis of multiple pregnancy is known difficulties, is based on the definition in the womb of the three major parts of the fetus and listening to in the two paragraphs of the heartbeat of the fetus different frequencies.
If necessary, resort to radiography. When multiple pregnancy bowl observed toxemia of pregnancy, polyhydramnios, premature and complicated childbirth. For 7-10 days before the expected date of childbirth shown hospitalization of women with multiple pregnancies.

Multiple pregnancy occurs when fertilization occurs more than one ovum. While in the uterus can develop several fruit, called twins. When one egg had two or more embryos, such twins called identical and in the future their appearance will be almost identical. In the case when the fertilized more than two different eggs - develop fraternal twins. And at birth they may differ in appearance and even be of a different sex.

Why twins are born?


If in the family of someone of the future parents were cases of multiple pregnancies, the chance of having twins with this couple is increased almost six times. Usually, if my grandmother had twins, it most likely has multiple pregnancy persists, a granddaughter. But there are also cases of birth of the twins father and mother and their children.


In women aged 35 +, under the influence of hormonal changes every month, there may be multiple ovulations. Therefore, there is making more than one ovum. If you had unprotected sexual intercourse, increase the risk of multiple pregnancies. This is especially true for women who have given birth.

The action of drugs

Some of the drugs that are prescribed to women to treat infertility, can trigger multiple maturation of oocytes. In a ten-fold increases the chances to become the mother of twins. Also the probability of multiple pregnancy increases with the abolition of birth control pills. In this case, the chances of fertilization several egg cells is very high right after discontinuation of oral contraceptives.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

When carrying out artificial insemination in the woman's uterus implanted several viable embryos. With the further development of pregnancy remain not all, mostly 1-2. As a result, the chances of having several babies increased by more than half.

The main difficulties

Multiple pregnancy creates a tremendous load on the organism of the woman. This is because the twins in the womb require more food and oxygen, also due weight increases the strain on the spine. The mother may often be in the hospital under medical supervision. As there is a greater likelihood of premature birth. More often than other women it is subject to examination and additional analyses.


If the pregnancy was normal then it ends normal childbirth. In cases if a woman gives birth for the first time or the twins are in the wrong previa (i.e. not heads forward), do a caesarean section. Also operation is needed for women over thirty. Usually twins born at 35-36 weeks and are underweight. Because of this, they need special care. After the woman gave birth to try not only to help her, but to be surrounded with warmth and attention. As for the young mother is a very great challenge.

For the mother, which at one point was large, it is useful to know that a sick leave certificate for pregnancy and childbirth two or more children are paid much more than usual. In the case of the birth of triplets, you claim to social financial assistance as large family. Also, you qualify for special medical care and have every right to count on state support in the purchase of real estate or land plot. In many cities of Russia includes the program of purchase of apartments for those who was born triplets at the expense of the city budget.

Kids who from birth have a brother or sister very well in the future adapt in society. Because twins from the very beginning are brought up together. Because of these acquired skills from the first days of life they are faster than their peers begin to say and do first steps. Their sociability allows you to make lots of friends in the kindergarten and school.

Statistics show many interesting facts about birth to twins:

- the twins are born approximately 1.5% of total births;

- triplets even less - 1 case on 8 thousand newborns;

- hands - special rare - 1 childbirth on 5300000 normal;

- identical twins, triplets, i.e. born with one egg, hatch 1 time in quarter 1000 born twins.