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Now it is impossible to accept a patient without having to not have a question about mumie. Can it be applied? Ulcers, cancer, arthritis, asthma, nephrite? What mumie better - black, white or red? Bring bags and asked to determine mumie it or not.
The 80 years of the current century in our country were years of unprecedented outbreak munyemana. His "get" all sorts of ways. Get because officially such a medicine in a pharmacy there. But glory is great. All buy. Everyone drinks. All helps. Anyway, everyone says so. How can you hold! Get hurt and get it! Health is more expensive!
Here sets a doctor and thinking: what if there is no smoke without fire? Maybe I also now run for mummy? I also now headache, and stuffy nose. And I drink this "chemistry" - tablets which, according to all that poison the body.
No, stop. Better read that scientists write about mumie. And they write this.
Mumie (according to the definition given in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia) - natural retinoid product of biological origin, derived from the crevices of the rocks and the mountains. He has many titles: mumie-Asil, mummies, Bergson, Bergson, Chao-Tung, mountain balsam, mining and oil and others. There are four varieties of this substance: gold (red), silver (white), copper (blue or blue) and iron (blackish-brown). Meets mumie in different countries - Nepal (in the Himalayas), Iran, the Soviet Union (Central Asia, Pamir, North Caucasus) and a number of other countries.
In General, mumie different regions are similar, though there are some differences. All kinds of mumie contain microelements, organic acids and mineral oil.
There is still no consensus on the question of what is a mummy. Some scholars, it is a product of decomposition by microorganisms oil rocks. Others believe that it is a product of plant origin. There is an opinion that mumie form of honey and wax. And even that is a product of excrement different animals (bats).
It is believed that mummy was used as a medicine since ancient times. Indeed, in the "Canon of medical science" by Abu Ali Ibn Sina mumie is recommended for a number of diseases. He was appointed at various paresis, paralysis, nasal bleeding, urine retention. But even in ancient times Shilajit is mainly recommended for wounds, bruises, fractures. Abu Ali Ibn Sina wrote: "as for drugs that [the patient] takes for jointing of bones, Shilajit helps amazing".
Description Shilajit is found in the writings of later scholars. For example, in Muhiti Osam - "the Great Ocean", written in India in 1860 - 1865 years Mohammed Atamanom, says: "the Best mumie - black, shiny, with a light smell of oil. Mumie quickly penetrates the tissues of the body. Taken in the right quantity, mumie strengthens the spirit, spiritual and physical matter, heart, raises vitality and improves mood, helps the healing of broken bones, sprains and bruises, paralysis of the nerves of the face... In diseases of the joints, physical and nervous exhaustion recommended to take mumie mixed with two or three egg yolks. When fresh wounds mumie also helps well as for domestic use and for external lubrication wounds, and even better to combine both".
The scientific medicine in our country is also interested mumie. Central Asian scientists conducting research in the study of its impact on the course of various diseases. Until confirmed only one property has a positive effect on wound healing, Union of bones. Other special properties of this drug have not been found. By the way, science now knows, produces and offers much more active biological substances. But none of them is not and cannot be a panacea.