Natural mummification - partial or full drying of a corpse. The rotting corpse may be suspended due to sharp deficit of moisture and death of microorganisms due to the dryness of the air, aided adequate ventilation, and fever. Mummification observed in the open air, in well-ventilated areas or at the disposal of the dead in coarse dry and sandy soils (Fig. 1).the corpse in the natural mummification
Fig. 1. The corpse in the natural mummification

The intensity of mummification depends on body weight, this process is more susceptible corpses with mild subcutaneous fat layer. The mummification corpse loses all liquid, its weight is 1 / 10th of the original. The skin of a corpse turns thick parchment reddish-brownish color. The internal organs are also at full drying and represent dry formless film character education. In some cases, depending on the conditions of mummification are only part of the body, most often the limbs and parts of a corpse in his dismemberment.
Mummification of the corpse of an adult person under favorable conditions can occur not earlier than in 6 to 12 months, and the corpses of children in a shorter time. In the state of the natural mummification of corpses can persist indefinitely.
Microscopic examination of the connective tissue is visible, fibrous structure is preserved, bundles of collagen fibers break down into individual fibers and fibrils. Sometimes you can see the outline of arteries and veins. In fat tissues preserved the shape of the individual segments. In striated muscles and in its individual broken fibers is sometimes possible to see the cross-striated. Parenchymatous elements of internal organs become unstructured fine-grained mass, resulting in extremely difficult to define, what exactly the authority belong studied the pieces removed from cavities mummified corpse.
Mummified corpses under the changed conditions such as high humidity environment, or under the influence of animals (rodents, cockroaches) can be destroyed, particularly significant in the attack moth.
The main forensic value of mummification is that the safety of the corpse allows the identification of the person. On the corpse stored, for example, traces strangulation furrows, damage, especially from acute guns and firearms. Sometimes you can define and earlier the disease of the skeletal system.